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Absolutely amazing Indian head massage that felt incredible on my back and sholuders too!! Katy is a true professional and has a real passion for what she does. She uses wonderful local products too! Thank you so much

Cleo Swales

Quite simply Katy is more than a therapist she is special. Her access bars treatment really helped me through a difficult time and I continue to visit her for for Indian head massages and Hopi ear candles. Even my partner was persuaded to try the ear candles and after a heavy cold it was just what he needed. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth at the salon so I always feel really welcome and comfortable . Highly recommended.

Emma Megginson

Thanks Katy you have freed up my sore shoulder nicely after the head and neck massage - highly recommended from me!

Lisa Petty

Really professional and kind service for someone who can't stand being touched and can't relax easily. Both treatments I have had have been fantastic and I'm heading back for more!

Rachel Platt

The Indian Head massage completely dissolved the stress and tension carried in my upper body. Followed by a reflexology treatment I went home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and full of energy. Will definitely be going back for more!!!!

Mikalie Naylor

I had the access bars treatment for the first time. It was a truly relaxing hour and had a huge impact on me. Following the treatment I felt full of energy and 'balanced'. I have been calmer and much more chilled since. I would definitely recommend this (and Katy) to anyone with a hectic life!

Charlotte Cook

First time I have had Indian head massage. What a treat! After a detailed consultation, my poor stressed neck, shoulders and head were given a thorough and relaxing massage. A heavenly experience. Katy was lovely, professional and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back.

Rachel Gregory

Katy is a miracle worker. I went to her with a problem in my neck, she worked her magic and by the evening all pain and discomfort had gone. I am a newfound lover of reflexology!!

Louise Sarah Williams

A very thorough, professional and enjoyable treatment. Definitely worth a go for those that haven't considered this type of therapy before! Katy is very knowledgeable and friendly, and will open your mind to these alternative therapies. Will be coming back!

Abbey Walters

Been twice now to see Katy and have booked another appointment. She is very good and professional. Lovely to find such a friendly experienced therapist. Helps me relax and feel refreshed.

Jacquie Pocknell

Katy is very friendly and makes you feel very relaxed. The treatment is fantastic and really helps on my problem areas like my back.

Laura Garfitt

It is an amazing experience and really relaxing
I struggle to relax due to adhd and i am looking forward to future treatments

Ben Wilson

Katy's healing hands have completely cured my anxiety. I look forward to our sessions everytime and leave feeling beyond relaxed. Give it a go and see for yourself!! You'll thank yourself for it.

Kate Pearson

I have always hated my feet being touched. Katy was wonderful and patient. She is calming and supporting, I now have been several times and feel so much better.
I have recommended Katy on several occasions. Katy is very approachable and on so many occasions discussed many topics!!
Try it, and I'm sure you'll go again......

Steve Gray